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More than a manufacturer; more than a distributor; more than a consultancy; with dedicated teams in both China and the US, Fedcor Global utilizes the best of all worlds to provide high quality, competitively priced parts from the worlds leading suppliers.

What's your Supplier Development Strategy?

Have you ever considered your supplier development strategy? Fedcor streamlines many of the issues that companies face, and provides many competitive advantages.

Simplify: Fedcor provides turnkey solutions that reduce your total number of suppliers, while still insuring that your capacity and supply needs are fully covered by utilizing our established network of factories.

Get Support: Fedcor provides technical support from a team of experienced support staff both here and at the factory. Communication is critical in project development, whether you’re discussing project requirements or manufacturing tool details. Fedcor has you covered at both ends.

Lower Cost: Fedcor provides a competitive cost advantage. Not only is our Asia team able to negotiate competitive pricing, but we strive to keep pricing stable for the life of the project. This is due in part to the long term relationships that are formed during our projects. Relationships with long term cooperation between companies can reduce the suppliers’ marketing efforts and risks. So the suppliers would often rather accept a lower price to keep this relationship going, making them more cost-effective than their competitors.

Quality: We work both domestically and at the factory to insure a quality manufacturing processes based on individual project needs. And unlike many factories in Asia, we fully stand behind the quality of our parts. All the cost benefits of working in the global marketplace, without the risks or drawbacks.

Your Global Manufacturing Partner

Fedcor Global LLC is a Product Development & Global Sourcing Company offering turn-key solutions to customers.

It’s structured so as to leverage the best resources for both product development and manufacturing to reduce cost, risk and lead-time.

We do this with an experienced support staff both in the US and overseas, which can take a product from concept to final delivered product.

Our goal is to find the best solution for our customers in every situation, for every step of the process. Starting with the concept, through manufacturing, and delivery to your site. The customer’s ultimate satisfaction for this “whole project approach” is our priority and what sets us apart from our competitors.

From concept to delivery. We’re here to take you through every step of the way.

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